Airtel 1000 for 3GB, 500 Naira for 1.5GB - "Airtel Small Money Big Data Plan" Promo

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Airtel is out again with a new double data 2018 plan called "Airtel Small Money, Big Data". This cheap  Airtel data plan is available to new Airtel subscribers on Smartconnect tariff plan.

Recall that Smartconnect is the default data and tariff plan for all new Airtel subscribers that gives bonus Airtime and bonus data for recharging you line. This new Smartconnect plan give new Airtel subscribers double data. This is the latest Airtel 1000 for 3gb 2018  data plan

List of Airtel Smartconnect Data plan for Double Data on Big Data Small Money Promo

The following are available on Airtel new double data promo

• Airtel 500 Naira recharge gives 1.5GB instead of 750MB.

• Airtel 1000 Naira recharge gives 3GB instead of 1.5GB.

• Airtel 1500 Naira recharge gives 7GB instead of 3.5GB.

• Airtel 2500 Naira recharge gives 11GB instars of 5.5GB.

How To be Eligible For Airtel 1000 for 3GB, 500 for 1.5GB

To be eligible on Airtel Big Data Small Money promo, get a new Airtel SIM and register it. After the registration, you sim will be automatically Configured for double data on Smartconnect promo. This promo will give you Airtel Double data for 6 months.

For Old Airtel SIMS
Dail *144# ,
If you see 1000 Naira for 3GB , then congratulations because you are eligible. But if you see 1000 for 1.5GB, it means your Airtel line is not eligible for this double data offer. All you have to do to enjoy it is to walk into any Airtel care center and buy a new Airtel SIM.

How To Subscribe To Airtel Double Data Plan

• To subscribe, dail this code below

Then choose any airtel data plan of your choice, you will see the data are already double the original data Airtel allocates.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance

To check Airtel double data balance, dail this code below;


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    1. Yes, I actually first heard about this Airtel data plan offer on radio while going to work yesterday..I got a new Airtel SIM today and it is eligible for the double data

    2. please how long does this Airtel data plan lasts,the Airtel double data. and do they charge excessively on Airtel 1000 for 3GB?

      1. I haven't really confirmed the airtel data rate. When I do , I will update the post. Thanks


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