9Mobile (etisalat) Cheap Data Subscription: Get 10GB for N2,000 Monthly

These days of expensive data plan, expecially from etisalat, one has to think smart and act smart to get more data for cheap price. I will show you cheap etisalat data subscription that will give you 10GB monthly for just N2,000.

One more thing about this data plan is that, it's kind of pay as you use, so you can decide not to subscribe for some days when you feel you don't need Etisalat data.

How To Get 9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Subscription of 2000 for 10GB every Month

If you have read the above article, then you should see the conclusion and calculation below;
It is better to subscribe to the 1GB for 200 data plan, because if you spend 200 Naira every 3 days,

For 30 days will be

30 ÷ 3 = 10 times. This means you will Subscribe 10 times in a month with N200

10 X 200 = 2000 Naira Monthly
10 X 1GB = 10GB monthly.

So as you can see from the calculation above, it is cheaper to get 10GB per month from Etisalat for just 2000 Naira, than Subscribe to Etisalat monthly plan of 2GB for N1000.


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