Unlimited Airtel Free Browsing Cheat July 2018

Today I will be sharing free Airtel data code for July 2018 to get bonus data to browse the internet for free. Last week I dropped Airtel data cheat for free browsing using dent app.

Requirement for Airtel Free Browsing Data Cheat

•Airtel SIM (3g or 4g)
• Good Airtel Network
• Internet enabled device - Android or iPhone, but can be used on Windows or Modem, Mifi after you've gotten the data

How to Get Unlimited Airtel Free Browsing Cheat for July 2018

Below are free data bonus codes to dail on your cell phone, just dail the Airtel code and press send

1. *141*13*200# to get 200MB Airtel free data.
2. *141*13*50# to get 50MB free Airtel data.
3. *141*13*1# to get 1MB free Airtel data.
4 *141*13*100# to get 100MB Airtel free data.

Dail any of the above code to get free Airtel mb, all might not work for you so whichever one works you are good to go!

How to check Airtel Free Data Bonus Balance

To Check Airtel Free Data Bonus Balance, dial any of these two codes
1.  *140# or
2.  *223#


    1. I got just 100mb , thought it was Umlimited. anyways thanks. I'm still rocking my dent free Airtel data sha. Thank you nairabit

    2. Thankyou Mr nairabit, I didn't get any free mb on my Airtel line but my sister and my friend got 200mb each..me that gave them got nothing. Pls sir does it select SIM

      1. Keep trying, maybe it might work for you. When I did it I wasn't given anything but I tried it 2 days later and got mb though it was just 50mb

    3. I think it works more on Airtel SIM that has not been used for a while, I'm just saying oo


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