Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria - Best Websites and Places To Buy and Sell

Are you into cryptocurrency trading where you buy and sell Bitcoin online or you pay for goods and services using Bitcoin? Getting a reliable website to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly is something most people get scammed. So below are the trusted website to sell or Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

Where To Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

1. Luno

Formally Bitx Nigeria,this is on the top of my list especially if you want to buy sell Bitcoin. Luno also serve as a Bitcoin Wall (wallet),  It's very safe for buying and selling of bitcoin, to pay in Naira. On Luno , you sell at the current global Bitcoin price and also an option to buy at a global price or at a lower price through Bitcoin exchangers. When you sell to Luno, you get your cash transferred to your Nigerian bank account within 24 hours in Naira. If you intend selling, you can fund your Luno account either by bank payments or by using you local ATM Debit card.

Please note: Selling directly to Luno on a weekend like Friday to Sunday might delay your payment to you bank account because Luno has to verify your BTC before paying you. They only work on Mondays to Fridays, so if you sell to Luno late on Friday, expect your bank alert on Monday morning. But buying on Luno is 24  hours everyday of the week. So use Luno to buy cheap bitcoin from exchanges.

Link to Luno app

2. Local Bitcoin

Local Bitcoin  is available in different countries around the world and also in Nigeria (localbitcoins Nigeria).  Just like Luno, You can buy, sell or trade Bitcoin on local Bitcoin website. Link localbitcoins

3. Nairaex.com

One of the indigenous Cryptocurrency company in Nigeria. They are like the "Aboki" in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency business. They buy from you at a cheaper rate and sell at a higher rate onlike Luno where you can buy and sell at the global rate. Nairaex Bitcoin prices are a little bit higher than the global rate when you buy from them but when selling to Nairaex, they buy Bitcoin from you at a lower rate. For example
If Bitcoin global rate is 350 Naira to 1 dollar of bitcoin

Nairaex sells to you at N355 and buys from you at N340 or N345, while

Luno Buys from you at N350 and sell to you at N350

Link Nairaex

4. Naira4Dollar

This is another crptocurrency website just like Nairaex. They sell to you at a higher price and buys at a cheaper price.
Those are just the few places to sell and Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. Have you tried any of these or you want to add to the list, use the comment box


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