Latest MTN Cheat For July 2018 - Goody bags Cheat

Hi everyone, today's MTN cheat will be for those WhatsApp data users who sometimes which they could use their mtn WhatsApp data (mb) or bundle on other apps on their cell phone. Etisalat free browsing cheat for June 2018 is still rocking, glo,MTN, Etisalat, Airtel data cheat with Dent is still working,  though it's slow but very steady, lemme introduce this latest MTN free browsing cheat for July 2018 which I have labelled "MTN goodie bag cheat".

How To Setup Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2018 with XP Psiphon

Requirements for MTN free Browsing

✓ MTN Sim Card
✓ An Active MTN WhatsApp subscription
To Subscribe to MTN WhatsApp monthly ,text WAM to 131
To Subscribe to MTN WhatsApp weekly plan, text WAW to 131
✓ Good 3G/4G mtn network coverage
✓ Best VPN - XP psiphon VPN app

Mtn megabyte Cheat settings

Step 1 : Download XP Psiphon apk here

Step 2: Download XP Psiphon file here

STEP 3: Install and open the app, click on the 3 dots at the top left corner, tap on config then choose import file

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Step 4: Locate the XP Psiphon file you downloaded and tap on it. It will automatically load into the VPN app (if it ask for password, put Jackobian)

Step 5: Click on connect and wait a few seconds while it connects.

Minimize the app and start using you MTN 
WhatsApp data to power all other apps on your android device because this MTN Subscription cheat is for android device.

That's all enjoy this latest mtn cheat using whatsapp data. If you face any issue, let us know via the comment section. See more from our homepage nairabit.com

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    1. Please how much is WhatsApp data?

      1. MTN whatsapp monthly data plan cost 150 Naira, daily cost 25 Naira , weekly cost 50 naira

    2. Note that the data is capped and not unlUnlimi

    3. Ok, thanks for your response. Nice work you are doing nairabit

    4. Replies
      1. No it's not Umlimited, this MTN free browsing cheat is capped

    5. So, will the monthly sub still last up to one mont, if used to power all apps with this xp psyfone app?


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