Latest Glo, Airtel 500 Naira Data Plan Subscription Code

Data is life, most of you will agree with me. Because of the high cost of tariff plan, Glo and Airtel users look for the cheapest data subscription currently available and they include Glo Data Plan for 500 Naira and Airtel 500 Naira Data Plan.

Airtel 500 Naira Data Plan Subscription Code

This is among Airtel cheapest data plan and it include a 2G network plan and 3G network plan. For the Airtel 2G network plan, you get 3gb for 500 Naira.

For Airtel 3g Data Plans, 500 Naira gives 750MB valid for 2 weeks

How to Subscribe

For airtel 2g data plan code of 500 Naira for 3gb, valid for 1 month, dail *482#

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For Airtel 3g data plan, dail  this subscription code *418#

Glo Data Plan for 500 Naira Subscription Code

For Glo 500 Naira for 1GB, dail *777# and follow the on screen instructions. It used to be 500 Naira for 1.5GB and 2GB but glo reduced their data allocation at the start of 2018
Glow weekend data plan of 500 Naira for 3GB , dail *777*1*1*7#
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Anyone you choose, whether the Airtel 500 Naira data plan or glo data plan for 500, you sure getting one of the available glo, airtel cheapest data plan.


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