Trending Bitcoin News Today - BTC Down by $5K, End of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, bitcoin price, cryptocurrency, Blockchain

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Top Bitcoin News - Week 28, June 2018

Could this be the end of Bitcoin cryptocurrency? Check out this from AME info

Has Bitcoin Lost Its Way? This is a question by CryptoDaily by analysing how cryptocurrency are changing and adapting.

• Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Launches Cryptocurrency Charity Fund that's according to Bitcoin magazine

• 2018 Is Shaping Up To Be The Tipping Point For Institutional Embrace Of Bitcoin - zero Hedge

Bitcoin Price

• Bitcoin price live: BTC $5k slump - Barclays predict 'Rout' from 'current trading levels'. This is according to an article in express UK

Bitcoin, bitcoin price, cryptocurrency, Blockchain

CCN made a report that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Major Coins Drop 5%; Crypto Market Loses $9 Billion.

• Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD licking wounds at $5,860 after losing 4% in a single hour


• How your smart fridge might be mining bitcoin for criminals -  Daily Mail UK


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