How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel - Me2U

Airtime transfer on Airtel, how to transfer Airtimefrom Airtel to Airtel

Airtime transfer on Airtel  is very easy and straightforwardd just like transferring airtime on mtn, it involves sending a text message to  transfer code accompanied by the receiver's Airtel phone number, your Airtel transfer pin. This is called Airtel Me2U, and to start, you will need to generate a transfer pin if you will be using the service for the first time.

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How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel Nigeria's "Me2U"

1. Create Airtel Nigeria Transfer pin

•  This is a 4 digit number to secure your transaction.
• Only you should know this pin, so you must not disclose it to anyone.
• To create new transfer pin or change am existing transfer pin, send a text message in this format to 432
PIN 1234 5555
• Create a message like this one above and send it to 432, if you want to use 5555 as your 4 digit transfer pin or code. 1234 is Airtel me2u default transfer pin.

2. Airtel Me2U transfer code

• To transfer Airtime from Airtel to Airtel number, write a text message in the below format and send to 432.
2u [Receiver's Phone Number] [Amount] [PIN]
• Send to 432. For example, to transfer 50 Naira from Airtel to Airtel using pin 5555
2u 08023433757 50 5555• Then send to 432. You will receive an SMS confirmation from 432 and you will be charged a transfer fee of 10 Naira per transfer.

Airtime transfer on Airtel, Me2U code, transfer airtime Airtel to Airtel

There's how you do Airtime transfer on Airtel. Remember a fee of 10 Naira is charged after ever Airtel to Airtel transfer, so make sure you have extra money for transfer fee, else it won't work.


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