Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans With Unlimited Data 2018 For Just N500

We don't have Verizon, t mobile or at&t network and not in the UK or United States (US) where unlimited data plans goes for as low as 20 pounds (less than 10,000) so the Best and cheapest phone plans with unlimited data available today in Nigeria is the NTel cell phone plan of N500 for 2 nights and doesn't require any virtual private network (VPN).

NTel is currently seen by many as having the most affordable unlimited 4G LTE data plan. The N500 is Unlimited for 2 nights from 10pm to 6am each day. So if you have huge downloads - movies, huge APK files, windows update, YouTube videos upload and other heavy data usage to do, this is the best for you.
NTel currently offer other 4G data plans for its prepaid subscribers. One of them is the WAWU data only phone plan which gives 12.5GB to 13GB for just N1,000 and valid for 1 month. Unbelievable right? I felt like this also until i bought a WaWu SIM and currently enjoying this mobile data plan on my smartphone. You too can enjoy this but only if you have a 4G LTE smartphone that support band 1800 (3) or a 4G Mifi or router.

NTel only have 4G network coverage in just 3 cities in Nigeria namely Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt. So only people living in those cities  can enjoy this cheap data plans from NTel. Below are some of NTel LTE data only plans to choose from

N1,000 gives 12GB
N2,500 gives 24GB
N3,000 gives 48GB
N7,500 gives 96GB ... All for a month (30days) and no excessive data consumption (data "zapping") because NTel charges at normal data rates.

There you have it, the cheapest  Unlimited 4G LTE data plan currently available.

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