Airtel N1000 for 3gig on Android and PC - See How

Hi guys, Airtel #1500 for 3gig has been one of the cheapest data plan in Nigeria .Am glad to bring to you guys, the new development in affordable browsing. It is the Airtel BB10 plan of N1000 for 3gigabyte of data which could also be used on non BB device like android devices, since Airtel restricted the blackberry plan for only blackberry users and most android and PC users finds subscribing to the plan useless because they can't use it . i am glad to inform you that you can now use this bis plan on your android and PC.You can save N500 and suscribe to this plan for 3GB instead of N1500 for the same 3gig.

Airtel data plan Update October, 2017

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    1. Hello bro,

      this bb10 subscription is it still working for android Because I have tweaked imei according to your guide above already, but I don't if is till working pls help me and reply

      And said no need of BlackBerry phone to activate it just to set to APN to default that's all thanks for early Reply

      1. Its still working on android devices with BB10 IMEI and not BB IMEI.

        It doesn't work on blackberry that is not a bb10 device.On BB10 device, no tweak is required, just subscribe and that's all

    2. wat if I change my apn to blackberry.net

    3. Just make sure you use BB10 imei not BB imei and you are good to go


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