How To Unlock Amaze VPN VIP Servers For Free Using Freedom App

amaze vpn

The previous post about Freedom app shows how Freedom apk app is used to unlock premium features in Playstore apps and games. This post will show you how to unlock all Amaze VPN VIP servers which costs about 3,500 Naira each for 6month at no cost.

Note: This post is only for educational purpose, any exploit you make is at your own risk.

Remember, Amaze VPN cheat for 9Mobile free browsing is still working on UCmini and social network apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc., but most users only make use of the free "non turbo speed" servers. 

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    1. I unlock VIP servers for 6 months around 2 am but do not have access to the servers when I insert my 9mobile sim. What could be wrong?


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