How To Get Free Airtime, Cash, Data up to 3GB Every Month From Nairabit

Yes! Its real, get free airtime, cash or data up to 3GB every month from us at Nairabit. From September 1st 2017, Nairabit will reward top active members of its website, its our way of giving back to our members who love this website and also share to others around them on social media. It is termed Nairabit top engage members giveaway


How does it work?

  • 1. Top engaged members of the nairabit website will be given free cash / airtime/ data up to 3GB of data every month.
  • 2. The winners with the highest number of activities ( comments on posts, Facebook shares and likes ) will be announced at the end of month.

Who are the top engaged Members?

  • 1. Members that have the highest number of comments on posts on  www.nairabit.com
  • 2. Members with the highest numbers of Facebook and Twitter shares and likes. That means you have to share nairabit posts on either Facebook or Twitter or both

To get Started

1. Like nairabit on Facebook now by following this link
And start sharing. Also like its Facebook posts.
2. If you are on twitter, follow  @nairabit , instagram @nairabit
3. Go to the website and start dropping your comments on all recent posts.


Get instant updates from nairabit via SMS... Its absolutely free

For mtn and 9mobile subscribers

  • SMS F Nairabit to 40404

For glo network

  • SMS F Nairabit to 20644

No charges, its free of charge!

Don't wait , start commenting and sharing now! T&C applies...


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