HBO - Game Of Thrones has been Hacked!

Home Box Office (HBO) lunched over 40 years ago is an american premium cable and satellite television network owned by Time Warner. They premeire one of the best tv series of all time since 2011, a fantasy drama series - Game of Thrones (GOT) which has made millions of dollars in profit.

Social media accounts of HBO were hacked by a notorious hacking group "OurMine", After the hack, the group took countrol of the official HBO twitter handle last week Wednesday as well as those official handles for their TV shows including Game of thrones. According to the hacking group;

"OurMine offers companies security against hacking, charging up to $5,000 for a “scan” of their social media accounts, site security holes, and other security vulnerabilities, and advertises its commercial services by breaking into famous accounts"

The hackers posted the these message on both HBO’s official Twitter handle and Facebook account:

“Hi, OurMine are here, we are just testing your security, HBO team please contact us to upgrade the security.”

Although, the messages have since been removed within an hour of their appearance, HBO claims that the TV network was “investigating” the hack.

"OurMine" hacking group has earlier hacked into the social media accounts of both Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek. It is not known how the group infiltrated these Twitter and Facebook accounts, but it seems that they found details in the publicky known data breaches of secret information which comes from a hack that occurred in July.

Late July, the hackers claimed that they stole about 1.5 terabytes of data from the HBO hack. A full episode of  TV shows “Ballers” and “Room 104” have been leaked online as well as a script that is allegedly for the next episodes of Game of Thrones.

The hackers then published a half-gigabyte sample of its stolen HBO data, including emails, employment contracts, and financial balance sheets, along with the script of the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones, and they are asking for a ransom of about $6 Million to be paid in Bitcoins cryptocurrency.

Although, there are reports which claims that HBO offered $250,000 to the hackers to extend the deadline for paying larger ransom according to an email by Variety which failed to reach its goal.

Episode 6, Season 7 of Game of Thrones has been leaked by mistake online on streaming, torrent and file sharing sites such as Youtube, Pirate Bay, Mega.nz. The episode 6 "Death is the Enemy" is next to the last episode of season 7.  According to HBO

“We have learned that the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones was accidentally posted for a brief time on the HBO Nordic and HBO España platforms.”
“The error appears to have originated with a third-party vendor, and the episode was removed as soon as it was recognized. This is not connected to the recent cyber incident at HBO in the US.”


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