10 PC Command Prompt Tricks Most Windows Users Don't Know

Below are 10 command prompt on PC which could come in handy sometimes. If you are a windows user, you must knie these tricks. They include;

(click on the windows button, type and click on CMD)

1. Check List of Associated File Extension : We use a lot of application in our computer each with the different extension so remembering all those extensions can be hectic, so  this command could be used to check the extension of any application.


2. Shudown Timer: You can also shutdown your computer at a specified time by setting the time. Follow the command below.

shutdown -s -t 120

3. Display Message Before Shortdown: You can print a message before your computer shutdown by using this command. This will be helpful to the user as a reminder or for leaving a message for the next person who will use the computer.

shutdown -s -t 500 -c “i don’t want to work.”

4. These first set of commands will perform operations such as shutdown, restart or logoff.

Shut Down Command : shutdown -s

For Restarting: shutdown -r

For Logoff: shutdown -l

5. Hide Folder on Your PC/Computer : You can hide a folder with this command

attrib +s +h D:movies

In the above command movies is the name of folder. To unhide the folder, use this command prompt

attrib -s -h D:ABC

6. Check Information : You can use config command to check all the information about your internet connection like IP address, Default gateway, and subnet mask.

To view Subnet Mask, IP Address use this command.


In order to view TCP/IP related Information use this command.


To view DNS cache use this command.


In order to delete the local cache of DNS use this command.


7. To Follow the internet related commands below.

net stop server

( It is used when the server is currently not running any service).

net start server

(It is used when the server is starting a service).

net start

(This command is used to check the services that are currently running).

net use m:sharedservername

(This command is used for connecting to share network drives).

net use m:sharedservername/delete

(This command is used for disconnecting to share network drives).

8. this command for Star Wars IV Trick.

“telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

Before doing that, make sure you have telnet enabled on your PC.

9.  Check List of Drivers: Now you can check the list of all your drivers by using this command.


10. Create Private WiFi Hitspot: Now you can create Your Own WiFi Hotspot just follow the commands below.

“netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspotname key=password

Now to start hotspot you need to enter

“netsh wlan start hostednetwork”

Now to stop hotspot, you need to enter :

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

These are the must know tricks or command prompt codes that every windows user should know.


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