Latest Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2017

Airtel unlimited free browsing tweak us back and better. Let me go straight to the point.


• Psiphon VPN or Nairabit VPN for Airtel

• Android device

• Airtel Sim

Settings for Psiphon and other VPN handlers

• Install and lunch psiphon handler

• Tick, remove port box

• Proxy Type: None

• Proxy Server: airtellive.ng

• Real proxy type: Default

• Real proxy Server: airtellive.ng

• Real proxy port: 8080

Click save

Tap on options, then more options

• Tick "connect through an http" box

• Tick "use the following settings"

•  Host:

• Port: 8080

That's all, just go back and connect. After connection is successful, you can enjoy your Airtel free browsing tweak, unlimited. Happy New Year in advance.


    1. Pls how can i get nairabit vpn foe airtel pls i need it

      1. Its will be available for download today. Just check the homepage later.

    2. Thanks so much ,, it is really working for me

    3. Oh I love this site this cheat is really working

    4. D cheat is becoming slow..any Solution pls

    5. Well done Nairabit.com. The airtel nvpn is very convenient and fast. Although it seems like airtel done wise up. Cos since today it has not been browsing even when connected.

    6. Breaking News 📰
      Airtel 0.0kb
      Has Just been Stopped ✋

    7. Whr can I download d nairabit VPN


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