How To Get Free Bitcoins Using BTS Shares Bot On Telegram Messanger

Bitcoin is currently one of the most sort after currency worldwide and i will be showing you how to get free bitcoins using BTS bot Share on telegram app.


• Telegram Messenger app 

•  Bitcoin Wallet - BlockChain Wallet.

You can use any bitcoin wallet, but on this tutorial I recommend blockchain Wallet. As at the time of writing this article, 

       1 bitcoin = $730 USD

        100million Satoshi = 1 bitcoin

Steps To Get Free Bitcoins On Telegram

Step 1: Install the downloaded Telegram messanger app on your device ( android, blackberry, windows).

Step 2: Register and log in to your telegram account.

Step 3: Open any browser then copy and paste the URL below into a new tab


Step 4: Click 'BTC SHARES' channel & click 'start - you will be automatically redirected to the telegram messenger.

Step 5: Choose language to continue in - Shares Bot.

Step 6: Tap on "Free share" button

Step 7: Click  on "Get Satoshi"

You will be credited with free satoshi (3500 satoshi per hour).

How To Withdraw Your Bitcoin From Telegram BTC Shares To Bitcoin Wallet

To  withdraw your Satoshi(min: 0.0005 satoshi)

• Click on "Financial account" to check your balance 

• Click on withdraw BTC

• Type Your Bitcoin Address - To get your bitcoin wallet address using blockchain wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is where bitcoin gotten from different places are kept together just like your bank account where you store funds gotten from different sources. BlockChain wallet is one of the most popular bitcoin wallet.

√ Install the downloaded BlockChain Wallet and lunch the app

√ Create New account and  verify your email by clicking on a link sent to your mailbox

√ After successful verification, open blockchain app, and on the home menu , click on the blue + sign in a small circle nd click on receive, you will see your blockchain address

√ Copy the address

Now you can past it on the Telegram app where you are asked to type your bitcoin wallet address.

This is just one of other ways to get free bitcoin. Other ways will be posted subsequently. I hope this helps.


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