MMM Nigeria Is Paying: See How To Make Money In Just 2 Weeks on MMM

MMM Nigeria is the Nigerian arm of an online scheme where investors are offered 30% return on Investment (ROI) in a month by offering help. Though the whole process of MMM takes approximately a month, you only invest your money and get 100% of your money back plus extra 30% and another $20 or $50 or $100 USD (called mavro), depending on whether you invest above 19,000 or N100,000 and N200,000. What do I mean?


On MMM, you can start with any amount of money, but the more the amount you invest on MMM, the higher your returns. For example, if Mr A  Opens an MMM account on November 1st 2016, requests to invests (provide help) with N20,000 on that same November 1st 2016, he won't have to pay the money or N20,000 instantly, the money will be with him until about 3 weeks (21st November 2016) when he would be asked to provide help (invest) with the N20,000 to another person. He would have just 48hours to send the money to that other person through bank transfer, when he does that, he can request for help immediately or wait for few days ( the purpose of waiting for few days before requesting for help is to increase your bonus). If Mr A requests for help on 25th November 2016 ( 4 days after providing help with N20,000 and 25days after starting the whole process from registration date), his returns will be

100% of N20,000 = N20,000

30% of N10,000 = N6,000

Mavro bonus = $20 or N6000 ( mavro bonus is a sign-up bonus that is given to all new MMM members that invests above N19,000 on their first investment, its usually  $20, $50 or $100 USD, depending on whether you invest above 19,000 or N100,000 and N200,000 ).

Total amount Mr.  A gets on or before November 30th = N32,000 ( N20,000 + N6,000 + N6,000).

Like I said earlier, you can start MMM with any amount but if its below N20,000, you will only get the 30% interest but you won't get the mavro bonus ($20, $50, or $100).


• N10,000 investment = N13,000 total cash back
• N15,000 investment = N19,500 total cash back
• N20,000 investment = N32,000 total cash back
• N50,000 investment = N72,000 total cash back
• N100,000 investment = N145,500 total cash back
• N500,000 investment = N681,000 total cash back
• N3M ( highest investment that can be made)=  N3.93M total cash back in less than 2weeks.

Bonus On Referrals

Like most online money making scheme, you can also earn big through referrals on MMM. It offers 10% on every referrals, meaning if you refer someone, you get 10% bonus. But the referral must have provided help to someone at least once, to start earning from referrals. So u can't just open an MMM account and start referring people without first providing help.

YES! I'm interested in joining MMM, how do I go about it?

Some mistakes could be made during the signup and providing help processes on MMM by some people, but if you follow these steps, you won't have any troubles later on. There are also different MMM sites for different countries, but don't worry as I'm here to guild you through all the processes step-by-step.

Step 1, Registration:

• To register on MMM-Nigeria, click here

• Tap on Register

MMM nigeria registration

• A form will appear, just fill it accordingly
√ Name: Your Name
√ Email: Your Email
√ Address
√ invite : [email protected]

Step 2 , Add Account Details

• On successful registration, click on Accounts at the top  left.

MMM nigeria add bank account

Mmm-nigeria registration

• Tap on Add
√ Bank Name: e.g ECOBANK
√ Account Name: e.g OKORO KENNET
√ Beneficiary Name: you can also use your account name.

• Leave Branch name and Sort code empty

• Make sure the bank details provided are correct, then Save

Step 3, Provide Help

• Click on Dashboard at the top

MMM nigeria provide help

• Tap on Provide Help ( green colour )

MMM nigeria provide help

• Click on the box indicating that you have read the warning, then click on Next 

MMM nigeria provide help

• Click on Other bank (for Naira)

• Currency: Nigerian NGN

MMM nigeria provide help

• Amount: Enter the amount you want to start with (e.g 50000) and tap on Select just beside it

NOTE: Do not put comma in the figure (50000). 

• Mavro: The mavro box will appear, just put the same amount ( e.g 50000)

NOTE: Do not put comma in the figure. 

• Confirm that the 30% is in "Mavro-NGN"

•  Tick the small box below ($20,$50, $100 bonus for first time) then click on next

MMM nigeria provide help, MMM registration

• Type in the Image code, then click on Next 

• Confirm the amount, then click on Next 
Your request has been added, click on “OK”

• That's all, always check your account to see if you have been matched with someone to provide help to.

Join Nairabit MMM and Business Whatsapp group for more assistance and other business opportunities - only for those that registered from MMM link above. add 07062246265 or use this whatsapp link https://chat.whatsapp.com/0KG84ao3YmdDzgLQaFRY07

How To Execute a PH Order For Naira Transaction

When you have been matched, you will see it when you login into your account, to get the persons details to make payment,

MMM nigeria provide help, MMM registration

• Click on “Details” at the tip of that order. 

• Copy the Bank account details of the recipient 

• Send the amount to the recipient through online banking, bank short code or cash deposit. (ATM is not too reliable for transfer) 

• Take a snap shot of the teller you used in making the payment or transaction with your phone camera or take a screeshot of the "Send Complete (successful transfer)" Page and Save it where you can easily find it... this is your Proof of Payment(POP) 

• Go back to MMM Dashboard 

MMM nigeria proof of payment

• Click on details on that same order and Scroll down to the bottom of the page. 
Click on “I Complete This Payment” 

MMM nigeria proof of payment

• Click on “Browse File”, Search for the screenshot or snapshot of your proof of payment (POP) and Attach the file 

• Click on Next

You would see the following written at the top of that order; "you have specified that payment was completed" and once the receiver confirms your payment in the system, the statement becomes "payment confirmed". Then all you do is wait for the completion of your 30 days to get help. 

How To Get Help (GH)

After providing help (invest), and uploading your proof of payment (POP)- snap and upload the payment teller, the next thing is to withdraw your money (Get Help), which can be done anytime within a one month period of providing the help.

Note: it should not take more than 1 month before requesting for help.

• Click on Mavro and click on "Available for Withdrawal" to know how much u can withdraw.

• Now click on Dashboard.

• Click on “Get Help” 

• Select Bank Account or Card Registered earlier is marked

• Click on Next
Select your bank account, 

• Click on Next 

•  Select the Mavro Amount that you want to withdraw, Click on “all” for each mavro amount and it will provide a total; or you manually enter the amount you want to withdraw.

• Then click on Next 
Confirm your request,

• Click on Next, enter the capcha then click on OK 

• Click on “Dashboard” to view the GH request.

What are the Risks Involved on MMM
Most businesses has one form of risk or another, the only risk involved in MMM is the fear of it crashing someday ( maybe when people stops putting money into the system), that is why it's advisable to use any amount of money that won't cause your downfall if it collapsed. But I don't think this MMM system will crash in the next 6 Months or anytime soon. So why not take this opportunity and start earning instead of being doubtful. Rich Men take risks, nothing ventures , nothing gained.


People including myself have been making cool cash from MMM and other online businesses, i had some doubt myself until i decided to try it out, and its been amazingly rewarding. I bet you will regret not joining MMM earlier when you start making your own money in just two weeks. If you encounter any issue on MMM or if you don't understand some things, just use the comment box below and you will be assisted ASAP.


    1. MMM has help me over the past few months. If there is anything i regret about MMM is letting the negative words of people about MMM discouraged me from joining MMM since. I PH 50,000 and got help of N72,000. MMM is real!

      1. MMM has helped me a lot also. Congrat, flex your cash

    2. Whether people believe it or not ,MMM is real. Thanks wil for introducing this to me. Please how do I become a guilder on mmm?

    3. To become a guilder on MMM, you must have referred at least 10 persons and also must have provided help at least 3 times. Then you can apply to become a guilder


    are you confused? do you have any question or contributions? Please use the comment box below and we will get back to you asap