New Simple Method To Create Whatsapp Group Chat Invite Link

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app in this part of the world with over 1 billion active users worldwide. One of Whatsapp features is the ability to create group chats where family, friends or people with common interest come together to interact. In this short post, I will be showing you a very easy and simple method to use the official Whatsapp messenger app to create a Whatsapp group chat link to send to anyone. When a person clicks on it, it will direct the person to that particular group, no moded Whatsapp like Whatsapp prime, Whatsapp plus and gb Whatsapp is required. You must be an admin of the group to create this link, just  follow these simle steps below


Step 1 - Download the official Whatsapp application from playstore, if you already have it, update it to the latest version

Step 2 - Open your group chat

Step 3 - Tap on " Add Participant"

Whatsapp group invite

Step 4 - At the top you will see the invite to group via link, just tap on it

Whatsapp group invite

Step 5 - Your Whatsapp link will be generated and anyone that has Whatsapp install on his phone can join the group.

Below is nairabit Whatsapp group chat link

That's all, simple isn't it.  Let's take a look at the various share options

•  Send link via Whatsapp - this enables you send the link that has been generated to any Whatsapp contact or group instantly.

•  Copy Link - to copy the Whatsapp chat link to clipboard. You can paste it anywhere you want.

•  Share Link - to instantly share the link to various platforms such as email, google+, Allo, Facebook, etc

•  Revoke Link - If you want to stop people from joining the group via the link you have shared, use the revoke option to cancel the link access. When you do that, nobody can access your group using the link.

Whatsapp is fun and Whatsapp group is even more fun. I hope this helps.

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