About Glo 4G LTE, N500 for 1.6GB - See Price and Bundle Plans

Glo 4G LTE data plan

The grandmasters of Data ,Glo, has become Nigeria's first telecommunications operator to lunch the mobile 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, nationwide. Glo 4G LTE Promise's faster and efficient broadband internet services to millions of Nigerians at speed that are several times faster than the present 3G network. This will enable glo subscribers download ultra high definition videos in just few seconds.

Glo 4G LTE data plans

Current cities With Glo 4G LTE Running

According to Globacom, it is presently running in some major cities such as
√ Abuja
√ Lagos
√ Port Harcourt
√ Warri
√ Benin
√ Jos
√ Eket
√ Yola
√ Zaria

Glo 4G LTE data plan
L-R: Li Shaowei, Key Account Director, Huawei, Head Sanjib Roy, Regional Director Technical of Globacom,  Kamaldeen Shonibare, Head, Corporate Sales,Globacom and Jin Renzhe, Managing Director,Huawei, at the launch of Glo 4G/ LTE nationwide services in Lagos on Tuesday.

The service will be available to most places nationwide in quick successions, before the end of October 2016. According to Shonibare, Head, Corporate Sales, Globacom
“Our subscribers today already enjoy downloading music, video and movie contents. They are also  streaming contents on their phones and other devices.  But the new Glo 4G LTE network offers subscribers a significantly improved experience. The video and voice quality in video calls on different applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc is a lot clearer while the picture quality is crisper,and the transmission is faster.”

Glo 4G LTE Data Plans

The data plans range from N50 to N18,000.
√ N500 gives 1.6GB of data
√ N1000 gives 3.2GB of data.
√ N2000 gives 7.5GB of data
√ N2500 gives 10GB of data
√ N4000 gives  18GB of data
√ N5000 gives 24GB of data

Glo 4G LTE MiFi Plan

For the Glo MiFi plan, Globacom is giving out free SIM with its 4G MiFi, plus 60Gb of shareable data valid for one month and free world-class content for a one-off fee of N25,000.

Glo 4G LTE Router Plan

Glo 4G LTE router gives access to Ultra High Speed Internet  and landline, plus free SIM, 60Gb of shareable data valid for a month and free world-class content for a one-off fee of N31,000.

How To Be Eligible To Use Glo 4G LTE

According to glo, all a customer needs to do is
• buy and register a 4G LTE Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) or swap his or her existing SIM for a 4G SIM, at any glo outlet or vendor, nationwide
• Your phone or device must be 4G enabled phone

How to Subscribe to Glo 4G LTE 

To subscribe to any of the 4G plans, just dial *777#  and follow the onscreen information to select your choice.
Shonibare describes Globacom as the present and next generation network, “We’re the next generation network, the grandmasters of data. That is why we have taken the lead in providing 4G LTE nationwide with mobility for Nigerians. We want them to experience the power of real time mobile broadband technology at the most affordable rates.”  

Maybe the poor glo network at most locations will be a thing of the past very soon because that seems to be the only dent in Glo performance. Welcome to the new speed of life!

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