New and Old Amazing Whatsapp Features You May Not Be Aware Of

Whatsapp messenger, with over one billion active users, is unarguably the number one messenger app in this part of the world just like WeChat Messenger (most dominant in Asia). No wonder it was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion after they realized their Facebook Messenger app couldn't compete with Whatsapp. 


We won't be discussing about facebook businesses but some of the old and also latest features on Whatsapp Messenger that most people do not know about because Whatsapp is fond of releasing "silent features updates".

Old Whatsapp Features

1. These features have been around for sometime and they are associated with changing your Whatsapp text fonts. This allows you type in
√ Bold
√ Italic
√ Striked out
√ Typewriter font

Whatsapp font styles

Below are examples

• Put * before and after the word(s) to make them bold.
           *Nairabit is a tech blog*

• Put _ before and after the word(s) to make them italic
          _Nairabit is a tech blog_

• Put ~ before and after the word(s) to strike them out.     
          ~Nairabit is a tech blog~

• Put  ```  before and after any word or sentences to get the typewriter font. Example
          ```Nairabit is tech blog ```

2. The second feature that has been around on Whatsapp is the "Quote" feature that allows you make a quote. This is a very useful feature to make one get a better understanding of what you are replying to or who's comment you are referring to in a group chat. Its also important in private chats if you intend giving an answer to previous comments.

How to make a quote on Whatsapp Messanger

• To make a quote, long press the words or comment you want to reply until you see a blue highlight, then release your hand.
Whatsapp quote features

• Some set of options will pop up at the upper part of the app (while you can still see the blue highlight on the comment you want to reply)

Whatsapp quote features

• From the set of options, tap on the arrow at the top left

Whatsapp quote features

• You can now see your quote, just type your reply and send.

Latest or New Whatsapp Features

To use this new feature, you must update your Whatsapp to the latest version from Google PlayStore.

Whatsapp mention feature

The latest Whatsapp feature is the "Tag" feature that looks like the quote feature but definitely different. Its more like the "twitter mention" used on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. The Whatsapp Tag feature makes use of the "@" symbol to mention any user on group chats (it works only on group chats), when you mention someone, the person receives a notification and it works both offline and online.

How To Mention any User On Whatsapp

Enter into a group chat and type the "@" symbol whenever you want to mention someone and a list of all group users will popup
to narrow down the search you can input some letters of the user's name after the "@" symbol
Just tap on the user you want to mention, which is written in a blue hyperlink text.


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