Update: Glo Data Subscription Plan Increased, Get 3.2GB, 7.5GB for N1000 and N2000

Glo, for a long time has been one of the sources of cheap data subscription plans, no wonder they are called the "Grandmasters of Data". They have shown once again why they are the Grandmasters of data by offering more for lesser prices, they have increased their data size.This increase came as a surprise especially when Nigeria is in recession but Glo has shown that recession or not, they remain the grandmasters. The only glitch glo has is its poor network I'm most locations, but some of us still brows for free using N-VPN and UC Mini.

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How  To Subscribe To Glo Data Plans

To subscribe, just dail
and follow the onscreen instructions

• You can also visit hsi.glo.com to buy and manage your subscriptions such as share data,view data usage and gift data

New Glo Data Subscription Plans

• 3.2 GB for N1000 -  dail *127*53#

•  7.5 GB  for N2000  - dail *127*55#

• 10 GB  for N2500 - dail *127*58#

• 12 GB for N3000 - dail *127*54#

• 18 GB for 4000 - dail *127*59#

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How To Roll Over Glo Data Plan

If you haven't exhausted your data before the validity date, you can add to your existing data by doing a rollover. It costs

• N500 for 1GB

• N200 for 300MB

Just dail *777#  to choose a roll over plan.

This is a welcomed cheap data plan offer from Glo, the Grandmasters of Data. However, the data consumption rate has not been confirmed, we will update this post when it is confirmed, but I'm sure there will be data 'zapping'


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