Airtel N200 for 20GB Has Been Modified, See New Price and Data

Unfortunately, the airtel N200 for 20GB plan has ended just 2days after it was released. When this airtel plan came out, it came as a good new to most people as not only could it be used on Facebook, whatsapp and operamini alone, it was used to also download large files but the latest about this plan is that it has been modified and no longer gives the awoof data of 10GB, 20GB and unlimited data for N100, N200, and N300 respectively.

Some users that had already done the subscription, was not speared as most of their data was drain up to 1GB from 20GB that was given to them when they subscribed, some where lucky as their data remained intact (18GB, 19GB..) . So now new users that subscribe to the plan are given as little as 200MB for N200...chaii !!!

Below are summary of the latest data given and  price

Price            Data Now            Data Before
N100             100MB                       10GB
N200             200MB                        20GB
N300             1024MB (1GB)        Unlimited data

Do you think what airtel did, especially the removal of over 18GB of data from most people that already subscribed to the plan, was fraudulent? Is the N200 for just 200MB worth it? Let us know your view.


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