Prisma, The App That Turns Photos Into Artworks

Prisma is the latest camera app that literally transforms  photos into artworks. It was first released in June 2016 on IOS and later Android , but became very popular over the last few weeks after it took social media by storm. Prisma touched the one million mark for daily users on July 14 and that figure has since skyrocketed, becoming 'the most downloaded app in 10 countries within 9 days' according to its developers. Let us take a quick look at the app that is turning our social media walls and timelines into a digital art gallery.

Prisma uses a network of artificial intelligence to turn photos into artwork images. Unlike most popular photo apps, Prisma filters and overlays are design to recreate photos from scratch and transform it into a realistic digital painting .With an easy to use interface and just like instagram, you can either pick  photos through the app or select one from your camera roll. The next stage is to crop the photo according to the app's specifications, then you can select from 33 different filters based on famous art work.

Filters available to choose from range from impression to gothic to filters modelled on iconic paintings such as The Scream. They include

• Carribean
• We can do it
• Femme

• Udnie
• #GetUrban

• Marcus
• Dreams
• Running

• Mondrain
• Curtain
• Flame Flower

• Paper Art
• Roland
• Red Head

• Composition
• Coloured Sky
• Light Summer

• Roy
• Candy
• Transverse Line

• Mosaic
• Heisenberg
• Illegal Beauty

• Mononoke
• Urban
• Tokyo

• Curly Hair
• Gothic

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Developers of Prisma are expected to release more filters in weeks to come. After the filter is added, you can adjust the intensity of the look by swiping up and down before saving the image or posting it on Instagram.

How to remove watermark

Watermarks can be removed on your artwork by going to the apps settings, then disable the watermarks option.


The massive success of Prisma (huge user base)  could be one of the reasons for occasional server-down errors. It seems the company had to double its server capacity to handle the load.

What to expect from Prisma in the future
In no distant time, according to media reports, Prisma might expand its technology to video, meaning we may soon transform videos and make them look like paintings with moving subjects or cartoons. Prisma co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov had published a 360-degree image on Facebook, which could be how they intend making Prisma video filters look, in the nearest future.


Download Prisma from Google Play Store
Download Prisma from Apple App Store

You can use two or more layers for your photos, you can also use images of inanimate objects to show your creativity using Prisma. 

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