MTN Kpalasa Phone: 100% Data Bonus Offer, Full Details

MTN kpalasa phone

Mtn Kpalasa Phone is a service from MTN Nigeria that gives its subscribers 100 percent bonus on any data bundle for the next 6 months when they upgrade to a smartphone.  What this MTN Kpalasa phone offer means according to MTN is that, " you can enjoy as much as 7GB for N2000 for 6 months". Normally, N2000 gives you 3.5GB but gives 7GB (100% bonus) on Kpalasa offer, So if you are still using a non smartphone, this is the time to upgrade.

Can old subscribers enjoy this offer?
Yes, this offer is for both old and new subscribers.

How to Enjoy MTN Kpalasa Phone Offer
• Buy a 3g or 4g Smartphone phone from any store in Nigeria, existing smart phone owners can also;-

• Buy and register an MTN Sim, if you are already an MTN Subscriber Insert a registered MTN SIM and wait  for a notification of the bonus offer.

How To Choose A Data Plan On MTN

After you have recieved the notification message for the offer, the next step is to choose a data bundle of your choice and MTN will give you 100% bonus on it. To choose a data bundle, simple dail

Note: If you decide to buy a Dual SIM phone, make sure both sim slots are either 3G or 4G enabled. Else MTN Kpalasa offer wont work. If one Sim slot is 3G enabled and the other SIM slot is 2G enabled, MTN kpalasa offer will only work on the 3G enabled SIM slot.
If both SIM slots are not 3G/4G enabled, you will not be able to enjoy this MTN Kpalasa offer.Offer is only available for SIM slots that are 3G/4G enabled.
Source: MTN

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    1. I did everything but was asked to input a promocode to be able to access the offer which was not in the phone pack. I don't know if I'm the only one asked for a promo code.


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