Airtel Special Privilege: Get 7GB For N1500 on Android, PC and Blackberry

Let's go straight to the point,  Airtel is not going to sleep amidst the data war. Their latest offer which they call "Special Privilege" is giving out a whooping 6GB for just N1500 on all blackberry device but I will be showing you how to get 7GB instead of 6GB and also how to use it on non blackberry device like android devices, so android users, airtel got you covered . Note that this is not a cheat but just an application if common sense. Airtel is officially giving out 6GB and also free 1GB, you just need to know how to combine both.


• New Airtel Sim for 7GB, if you use old sim, you might get 6GB instead of 7GB. So I advice you buy and register a new sim.
• Android device or BlackBerry device
• N1500 Airtime
•  Mobile Uncle to change IMEI to blackberry ( android users only). download from the post below

Note: it works on all device without IMEI tweaking, but if you find it difficult to subscribe to the plan, you can try changing your IMEI to that of Blackberry.

Airtel Special Privilege: Get 6GB For N1500 on Android, PC and Blackberry

Steps To Get Airtel Special Privilege Data

• Get a new airtel sim or use your old sim. Depends on whether you want to settle for 7GB or 6GB  respectively.
• Get  N1500 airtime
• For Old airtel sims, recharge using the normal method
• For new sims, Recharge using
       *555* recharge pin #

• After successful recharge, using the the above method, you wil be given free 1GB ( for new sim)

How to subscribe?

To subscribe, dail *440*161#
You will be given 6GB. Adding it to the free 1GB, will give you 7GB. The 1GB is for 8days period and the 6GB is for 30 days (1 month) period.

How to use it on PC

Just put on your android's hotspot and connect to your PC
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