About MTN Xtrabyte: How To Borrow Data From MTN

XtraByte from MTN Nigeria is the latest service that allows its customers borrow data and pay later. Sounds familiar right? Yeah, I know, MTN Xtratime, which was lunched some time ago by the same Telecom giant, MTN, which is a service that allows subscribers borrow airtime to payback later. So now you have both voice and data to borrow from.

In these present days where data has become more valuable than airtime, especially amongst majority of Nigerian youths, its not surprising that MTN has come out with this brilliant innovation, and i'm totally sure other telecommunications company will follow, in providing this same service to their subscribers. Just like Xtratime, MTN Xtrabyte is available only to eligible subscribers.

Who is Eligible For MTN Xtrabyte?

To be eligible to borrow data from MTN via MTN Xtrabyte,

• Your MTN number must have been active on the network for at least 3 months

• Your main account balance must be below N12

• To check if you are eligible for MTN XtraByte, dail


and then select 1


There are no connections attached to Xtratime and Xtrabyte, meaning, eligible subscribers can borrow data even if there is an existing airtime (Xtratime) loan that is yet to paid back. They can as well borrow airtime, even with an existing data (Xtrabyte) loan that is yet to paid back.

Available Data Bundles on Xtrabyte

Data Bundles that are available on XtraByte are:

• 10MB, costs N50 + N5 charge
• 30MB, costs N100 + N10 charge
• 100MB, costs N200 + N20 charge
• 200MB, costs N300 + N30 charge
• 750MB, costs N500 + N50 charge

MTN XtraByte data appear in a special XtraByte account and not the normal data account, just like Xtratime.

How To Borrow Data From MTN Xtrabyte

• You can borrow XtraByte data as many times as possible provided you don't have any outstanding XtraByte payment and you meet the eligibility criteria for the service.

• To borrow data and also check Xtratime balance, dial


and follow the onscreen instructions.

How To Pay Back Xtrabyte Loan

To pay back the borrowed data, MTN will immediately deduct the equivalent amount from your next recharge through recharge cards, share and sell, ATM transfer, and other recharge options.


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