Recovery image for Android Devices : All You Need to Know

What are recovery Images
Recovery images are basically boot mode images independent of the device's android operating system. It can be used to backup and also restore your smartphone settings and data. The default recovery image of your phone (comes pre-installed from your device manufacturer) only allows  OTA (Over The Air) updates only for supported devices and they are mostly invisible to the phone's end user. But with custom recoveries, you can do a lot more like flashing custom roms, unbricking of bricked or dead smartphones, nandroid backup and so much more.

                       Download Recovery image here

Different types of Custom Recovery

CWM or CWRM           : ClockWorkMod  or ClockWork Recovery Mod
  • One of the most widely used custom recovery today
  • Written by Koushik Dutta (Koush) with contribution from CyanogenMod's community
  • Has standard( Device hardware keys are used for navigation), swipe (navigation is done by swuping up/dowm/left/right) and fully touch-driven menus.

TWRP          : TeamWin Recovery Project
  • Also one of the most widely used
  • Currently Maintained by Ethan Yonker (Dees Troy) with support from OmniROM's community
  • It supportss fully touch-driven menus
  • It has an amazing and one of the most complete features available
  • Has a themable User Interface (UI).

PhilZ Touch  Recovery
  • Written by Phyto Wardt (Phil3759)
  • This is like an "Upgrade of CWM" because it uses CWM as its base code
  •  Has more filesystem tools and custom user interface compared to CWM.

The most popular and widely used custom recovery today are CWM and TWRP

How to boot into recovery mode

There are different methods of booting into recovery mode

Method 1: Developer mode method
Go to your phone settings
Select Developer Option>Advance Reboot> On
Hold the power button to see the advance reboot option.

Or  you can use Terminal App
Download Terminal app from playstore and grant root access
Use this command below
su -c 'reboot recovery'
Method 2: Using the Manual Method
Different Android device has its  unique method of booting it  into recovery mode but most devices do so by  pressing and holding both the power and vol up botton simultaneously for about a few seconds. But then, you have to download the recovery image for your phone.

How To Flash Recovery Image on Android Phones
There are different method,

Recovery Tool Method
  • Download the specific recovery image for your deviceCopy or move the downloaded recovery image to the root of your SD card
  • NOTE: Don't put it in any folder; just leave it as it is in the root of your SD Card
  • Download and install this Recovery tool, open and run it
  • Click on Flash other recovery
  • Locate the recovery image you downloaded and select it
  • The flashing process will start and will be completed in a few minutes
  •  After completing the installation, click on boot to recovery.

You can now backup/restore  your device ROM
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