New Etisalat BIS BBlite 6GB for 70naira on Android Device via Psiphon and Tweakware

Wow! Etisalat has been dormant in the low cost data race and there have also been scarcity of etisalat tweak lately since the etisalat socialme bundle. Etisalat BBlite is back and blazing on psiphon handler and tweakware . This etisalat BIS BBlite is a blackberry plan similar to the famous MTN BIS bblited that was one of the cheapest data plan for download and streaming  which lasted for over a year until it was blocked by MTN early this year.
Requirements for Eisalat BIS BBlite
1. Android smartphone
2. Psiphon handler     download here
3. Tweakware app ( alternative to phiphon handler).       download here
4. Etisalat sim
5. Etisalat recharge of 70, 350 or 1000naira depending on whether you want to do the daily, weekly, or monthly plan respectively.
Note! All three plans ( daily, weekly, monthly) all has 6GB data cap.
Steps to use this Etisalat BBlite
Step 1: subscription using MMI codes-
• For daily plan, dial *599*2*2# (costs N70)
• For Weekly plan, dial *599*2*1# (costs N350)
• For monthly plan, dial *599*2# (costs N1000)
Using text messages
• For daily plan, Send DLITE to 399 (costs N70)
• For weekly plan, Send WLite to 399(costs N350)
• For monthly plan, Send MLite to 399 (costs N1000).
Step 2: Device APN settings
Go to settings
• click on mobile network> access point> etisalat
• APN :  blackberryx.net
  Proxy : leave empty
  Port.   : leave empty
Step 3: Psiphon and Tweakware Settings
• download psiphon handler from the link provided above or use the one you already have
• Tick " remove port" box
• Proxy type: Real Host
• Proxy server:

New update!!!  if your etisalat BBlited stopped working, just change proxy server to http://blackberryid.blackberry.com and connect again

• Real proxy type: Default
• Click on Save 

• Tick " Tunnel whole device" box
• Server : select Best performance

• Go to More Option settings and untick connect through Http Proxy
• Finally, wait for a few seconds for it to Connect.
Minimize the app and enjoy.

For Tweakware

• Download tweakware from the link provided earlier
•Switch to Logs then Click on Handler Menu. Its will request for Tweakware childlock code, just input= cdce.imishiro.032990
• After unlocking, use Real Host as proxy type
• Clear the click.php in the proxy server and replace with blackberryid.blackberry.com
• Click on Save

New update!!!  if your etisalat BBlited stopped working, just change proxy server to http://blackberryid.blackberry.com and connect again

• Go to SETTINGS and untick connect through Http Proxy
• Go back to HOME and click on CONNECT.
Note!!! When you do the subscription, you will receive a confirmation message in this format "Welcome to the etisalat Blackberry 10 plan. Your data is 10mb, valid till */*/2016." Don't worry about the 10mb or 15mb depending on the plan ( daily, weekly and monthly). Just ignore it , because you can use  up to 6GB of data.
• No speed throttling or frequent disconnection and reconnection and it is fast.
• You can still make use of whatsapp, BBM and other social messenging apps when your 6GB allocated data has been exhausted.
• The daily plan does not last for 24 hours like the mtn bblited. It ends by 12 midnight that same day, it doesn't matter the time of the day you subscribe. So its advisable to subscribe early ( as from12: 05am preferably).

If you encounter any issues, let us know via the comment box below. And if you like this post, you can share it with your friends by using the share icons below.


    1. U didn't post the config for tweakware

      1. The settings for tweakware is there. Check again

    2. Tnkz man quickly tried it and it works . u don save person small sub. Money lolzz tnkz

    3. Baba...I have been unable to subscribe to the plan o. Been trying to since morning. It's saying operation failed try again later

    4. not working, stops connecting after reaching the daily limit

    5. not working, stops after reaching the daily limit

      1. If your Etisalat bblite stopped, just change your proxy server to http://blackberryid.blackberry.com and connect again

      2. It's no longer connecting

      3. Plz guys add dis number on whatsapp group so that we can discuss it 08143714988


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