MTN GAME free150mb working Psiphon settings for June

For sometime, the free 150mb that we used to enjoy on music plus and game plus as well as the BBlited plan has not been working due to some system upgrade by our "uncle" MTN. I'm glad to inform you that the MTN game data now has a working setting using psiphon handler and it powers all apps.

How to get MTN game 150mb

Just send GM  to 2200
you will receive  a message
"You've successfully registered for MTN Game+! Your username is 234703******* and password is 123456. Visit game.mtnonline.com for more games"
You will also receive another message like this :
"Congratulations! Your 7 days free trial of Game+ has been activated & you have 150MB FREE data for the service. Dial*559# to check your data balance. Visit game.mtnonline.com for more games"

Psiphon Settings For MTN 150mb Game Data

•Open your Psiphon handler

• Tick "remove port" box
• Proxy sever : game.mtnonline.com
• Username:empty

• Password : empty
• Real proxy  type : inject
• Real proxy port: 80
• Click Save

MTN GAME free150mb working Psiphon settings2

• Region : Best Performance
• Click more option

MTN GAME free150mb working Psiphon settings3

• Vibrate:untick
• Connection through an HTTP proxy:    tick it
• use the follow settings
Host  address :
Port: 8080
Untick use proxy authentication


APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Proxy: empty
Port: empty

If you are lucky, you can renew it

After you've exhausted the 150mb, send Jw to 2200 then also send Gw to 2200. u'll b given 300mb. You can check your game+ data using *559#



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