Your Android Phone is Not Safe ! See Why

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Hello team, i have  something great for you today in android device protection ,i’d like to layout my view and experiences on android as a platform. As a number of you can realize, android is a cell operating machine (os) developed by google,and it is based totally on the linux kernel and designed ordinarily for touchscreen gadgets consisting of smartphones  and also tablets. A number of you can also recognise that android is an open-source project (which means that  you are allowed to edit the code, and expand android-based packages and offerings). In case you’re a skilled android developer, you'll recognize there are nevertheless a few things which are restrained and closed from reading and understanding. This brings the questions,
Is android safe? How is our information protected?
The answer to that question is, it’s not safe enough,considering the below reasons
First reason: the working gadget
If you make use of an android device, you could have already understand that many manufacturers install bloatware (unwanted software program) into the devices. They try this with the intention to make a few money with your device utilization and information, and they don’t permit the user to uninstall those programs. Those bloatware programs are used to accumulate exceptional information and normally, the information is shared with 3rd party organizations for marketing purposes. But, android users can generally “root” the tool (device) and gain device-extensive permissions to delete and deploy any kind of software program. Please take into account that when you have rooted your device, you need to be cautious and know what you are doing. If you delete something that is maintaining the device functioning, you will “brick” the device and it might not work anymore.
Second reason : the application permissions when the consumer installs any application
The applications, during installation, will ask the OS  (android device) for precise permissions, which also can make a device susceptible. For instance, in case you want to install a simple flashlight application, which doesn’t want to apply anything else than the flashlight, see what permissions are needed from the app. If it requires permission to study your contacts, to apply your gps location, to paintings as a startup system and to connect with the net, you’d absolutely need to keep away from this software, what would a simple flashlight app need network access, GPS location, contact list etc for. Believe me, even the mainstream apps may be changed and abused in that manner. If you agree to install the application besides, you’ll use it for the flashlight, but the developer on the opposite site can study your contacts, images and private sensitive information out of your device with out your knowing, due to the fact you've agreed to give that permissions to the app. That’s why it’s very critical to realize how the era works, and shield your self from data leaking.
Third reason : net-based totally social engineering, phishing
Even if you are cautious along with your packages, keep in mind that you could nonetheless be tricked with some faux web sites or pics which aren't safe to visit. For example, there are web sites and apps (mainly free versions) which have advertisements like : “you've got 7 viruses in your device, click right here to clean up.” those forms of phishing techniques needs to be prevented as much as possible. Don’t trust in some thing that sounds too true, and it’s free.
My advice to you is: if making a decision to use an android device, then use it with warning. Don’t install any suspicious apps and usually take a look at what permissions are requested for from the I'D. Maintain healthful behavior when you surf the net and be careful what you installing. Don’t download any suspicious files, particularly in the event that they end in .Apk, since the apk extension is for executable packages on androids. I’m satisfied if i’ve helped you with a few simple android-related discussions.
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