Get 500mb for N25: MTN Cheapest Data Plan

Get 500mb for N25: MTN Cheapest night Data Plan Do you remember those sleepless nights when Mtn was the first to introduce free midnight calls?, that was the package that made me choose mtn when I bought my first sim back then in junior secondary school so as not to miss out with those funny conference call with friends. Lolzz
Goodnews peeps,it's time to rock your night, not with free night calls but with the new MTN cheapest data plan. This month of May has seen a lot of good offers from our "uncle", MTN and they are at it again as you can now get 500mb data with N25 only to brows and download from 00:00am to 4:00am midnight everyday with your MTN sim, isn't this cool?. This is very useful for those that are fond of streaming, downloading TV series or movies, PC system upgrade and so much more.
How to go about this mtn 500MB for N25
Step 1:  Your sim must be in the MTN ipulse tarrif. Dial *123# to check the tarrif plan you are on, to be sure or just dail *460# or *123*2# to suscribe to MTN  ipulse.
Step 2: Make sure you have at least N25 on your mtn sim
Step 3: Text the word, NIGHT to 131
You will recieve a message like this “Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account.”
How to get more than 500MB every Night?
The subscription works just once a day per sim, so if you have more than one MTN sim card you can be able to use more than 500mb per night by subscribing for all the mtn sim you have. You can borrow someone's Mtn sim card for the night.
Have fun.


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