March 13, 2018

Fix Message Not Sent Error With MTN | Airtel | Glo | 9Mobile Message Center Numbers

Are you in a situation where you are unable to send text messages on your phone? You receive text messages but whenever you try to send one it shows the failed symbol  or gives you a reply
"Message not sent" or "Message unable to send", this may be due to some message settings being edited by mistake , most times it's the Message Center  Number.

To fix message not sent error on your mobile phone is quite very easy, just follow the 3 simple steps below

Step 1 : open your message app and click on options or settings or Advance settings depending on your mobile device

Step 2: After you've located the message settings from the message app (not from normal phone settings), tap on Text Message (SMS)
Note: some device may have it as SMS service center or something like that

Tap on it and choose or select the network, then input the following center number depending on the network

MTN Message Center number: +234803000000

Airtel Message Center Number: +2348020000009

Glo Message Centre Number: +2348050001501

9Mobile (Etisalat) Message Center Number: + 2348090001518

Step 3: save or just go back. 

That's all, go back and start sending messages again .


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